About Jamie Clark Productions

Jamie Clark Productions was started with one mission: To educate, engage & inspire generations across the world to act in response to social and global issues.

Who we are

Jamie Clark Productions is a production company that creates incentivised public action campaigns through free to view filmed entertainment, to support organisations overcome global and social issues.

What we do

We bring attention to lesser-known, misinformed and misunderstood issues our world faces through documentaries and weekly series episodes that are available to watch for free exclusively on our website and YouTube channel.

What makes us different

1) Exclusive Documentation Partnerships with Charities & NGOs:
Jamie Clark Productions has established exclusive documentation partnerships with reputable non-governmental organizations & charities based in the UK & Thailand. Through these unique collaborations, we gain privileged access to regions and communities that would otherwise remain uncharted. This agreement not only ensures the authenticity and ethical documentation of these areas and the issues being faced, but also allows us to share stories and insights that are truly unparalleled.

2) 5% Donation Pledge & Transparent Support:
Jamie Clark Productions is dedicated to making a positive global impact, pledging to donate 5% of our profits from advertisements and other revenue streams to charitable organizations that we partner with. Transparency is at the core of our values, and we want our advertisement sponsors and community to know exactly where their contributions are going. To achieve this, we will regularly publish detailed reports within our weekly newsletter, specifying the charities and initiatives benefiting from our donations.

3) Get involved as we grow:
We value the voices of our viewers in shaping the content we create. As we grow, our aim is to provide our viewers with potential opportunities to be involved in the content we create to reward their viewership.

Why we do it

Jamie Clark Productions is driven by a commitment to address urgent global and social challenges being faced by humanity and the species of Earth before it’s too late.

The ultimate vision for Jamie Clark Productions is to form a better future for all.


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NGO & Charity Partnerships

Jamie Clark Productions

With a mission to educate, engage and inspire generations across the world to take action in response to social and global issues, Jamie Clark Productions’ collaborative approach has entailed partnering with NGOs, IGOs and charities to acquire exclusive access into affected regions to document the feasible actions we can take as individuals to make a tangible impact.

Following addressing the devastating story of the Asian elephants of Thailand within the animal tourism industry in our debut documentary and series, as Jamie Clark Productions continues its journey our company strives to drive positive transformation, uplift marginalized voices and ignite a significant transformation to the state of our world whilst we still have the opportunity.

Our growing community are passionate to make a difference and collectively we are working towards creating a better future for all by overcoming one social and global issue at a time.

Meet The Team

Jamie Clark

Founder & Owner

Jamie Clark Productions was developed by Jamie Clark in September 2023 from a deep passion to address the critical issues being faced by humanity and the native species of planet Earth.

Jamie has a wealth of experience in voluntourism, having volunteered in three different continents of the world (Africa, Europe and Asia) whilst collectively fundraising over £15,000 during these projects.

Jamie Clark Productions is Jamie’s first business venture. Prior to this, Jamie has worked in the filmed entertainment industry predominantly on a freelance basis. Jamie has campaigned on ITV regional news and BBC radio stations; produced digital content and online videos across Loughborough University’s social media platforms to an audience of over 200,000 people; presented LSUTV’s Freshen Up Series; and collaborated with Tale Productions as a content creator/influencer for My Uni-verse.

Jamie is also a final year undergraduate BSc Psychology with Criminology student at Loughborough University and in 2022 was awarded SSEHS Student of the Year.

Since the inception of Jamie Clark Productions, Jamie has received the Year in Enterprise Award 2024 at Loughborough University’s Placement and Internship Awards; been crowned LEN Power Pitch Champion 2023 and Validator 2023 Judges Award Winner; secured over £5,000 of equity free investment; and been shortlisted for the LEN Create Award 2023. 

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